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  1. It's Free to join
  2. Free members can add one campaign
  3. You add one question and give 2 wrong answers and one correct one
  4. Members read your website and until they get all three questions correct, they dont earn credits and you don't lose any credits.
  5. You can purchase credits using paypal or alertpay
  6. You can upgrade your account and have unlimited amounts of campaigns
  7. Upgrade is good for one year/li>
  8. Assign credits to a campaign
  9. Your automatically a affiliate member when you signup
  10. Affiliate members earn when their referral upgrades, and when they purchase credits
  11. Earning are unlimited when you become a affiliate member
  12. Support views all campaigns added and edited prior to being shown to other members
  13. Other members keep reading your website until they get your questions correctly answered
  14. When adding your questions, think about what you want other members to read and pertain it to that
  15. We run referral contest weekly so that you can also earn credits
  16. We give members other members as referrals so you can earn more
  17. Yes, every once in awhile we send out newsletters to you on up comming contest and other newsworthy topics
  18. We hope you have fun and enjoy the traffic you will recieve and the money you will make, not just from the referral system, but from your website, now that people are actually going to read what you have to say.

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